Illegal tire dumping on private property

An attentive walker told the ZARE initiative that she had discovered various illegal waste tire disposal sites in the Eifel nature reserve. These are three landfills in Hellenthal-Ramscheid that a local farmer set up on private property. The places in question can even be seen via satellite images.
As the pedestrian reported on December 19, 2023, she had access to two of the landfills. The first is an area in the field on the Eifelweg, near the junction to Scheiter Weg. Photos show a pile of dozens of tires in nature, including those from agricultural vehicles. 84 old tires can be counted, and there are probably more than 100 in the pile.
The second landfill is not far away. It is located at the intersection between Eifelweg and Buchenweg. There are more than 50 tires in the field, adjacent to a farm.
The third landfill is inaccessible due to fences and therefore cannot be clearly classified. However, the picture suggests a comparable extent. The garbage dump, on the Eifelweg in the direction of the B265, is located a little out of town.
Used tires are composite waste that requires proper disposal. Incorrect storage or disposal can result in high fines according to the “Garbage and Waste Disposal Catalog of Fines”. Depending on the federal state and the number of tires, fines of between 75 and 25.000 euros can be imposed.
In order to find perpetrators of unauthorized waste disposal, information from witnesses is often a crucial clue. We would be happy to receive further information about any abnormalities.


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