Why become a ZARE partner?

The basis of the certificate for waste tire disposal is the Waste Management Ordinance (EfbV) and industry-specific criteria, which were defined by the Federal Association of Tire Dealers and Vulcanisers (BRV). In addition, general requirements are placed on waste disposal companies that Circular Economy Act (KrWG) defined. The abridged summary, according to EfbV and KrWG, says:

You need one Surveillance Certificate by a technical monitoring organization, i.e. an excellent expert, such as the TÜV or an environmental protection organization.

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Become a premium scrap tire disposal company too!

With TSAR belong to the premium scrap tire disposal companies certified by the BRV. We take care of the industry together and exhibit used tire disposer point out who do not comply with the legal guidelines. This is the only way we can show how valuable our certified work is for the resources and protection of the environment. At the same time, we draw attention to the problems in the disposal of used tires and in the industry, which is wrongly negatively burdened by black sheep. Together we can strengthen the industry image and emphasize our position as an important player in resource conservation and environmental protection! Because we, as a certified waste tire disposal company, have more than ZARE initiative also a political function – we want to draw national attention to the relevance of our professional work.

ZARE partner convince through competence, quality, expertise and environmental awareness. It is our job to draw the attention of car workshops, car dealerships and tire dealers, as well as politicians and local authorities, to the problem of used tires - but at the same time we have a solution: 
The scrap tire disposal about certified companies gives everyone the security and the guarantee that the environment is protected and valuable resources are recycled and conserved through various recycling methods. As a certified waste tire disposal company, we give drivers a good feeling and we can show it at any time: the certificate is visible to everyone; Flyers and image brochures will be given to you as a waste tire disposal company.

The ZARE initiative offers you as a waste disposal company a network and a communication platform where every exchange of ideas brings us a step closer to our goal: the nationwide, professional scrap tire disposal via certified waste disposal companies!

Eight good reasons why you should also become a ZARE partner:

You will become a premium scrap tire disposer certified by BRV.

They actively take care of the industry – nationwide.

Together with us you will strengthen the industry power.

Show how important protecting the environment is to you.

You have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other professional scrap tire disposal companies.

The ZARE partnership as a quality feature distinguishes your company as an outstanding scrap tire disposal company.

ZARE offers you a network and communication platform with the specialists in the industry.

As a community, you can work with us to draw attention to the problem of disposing of used tires.

Become a premium waste disposal company, join our initiative and contact us here.

Become a ZARE partner now!

Professional and sustainable tire disposal is becoming more and more important. We want one for Germany nationwide disposal with certified waste tire disposal companies to ensure. Become a partner of ZARE now and work with us to ensure that every used tire is best possible recycling method is fed.

What requirements do you have to meet?

Do you want to become a ZARE partner? We have a Checklist of the requirements for certified waste disposal companies of the ZARE initiative compiled for you. If you meet all the requirements, we look forward to hearing from you. The ZARE partners are committed to nationwide professional disposal of used tires, the industry and environmental protection.

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Promotional package for tire service companies and garages

The campaign package for tire service companies and garages

Make a significant contribution to sustainability and show your customers that you only dispose of waste tires through certified waste tire disposal companies.