Waste tire disposal:
Acceptance of used tires and purchase of carcasses

Whether old tires, carcasses or used tires for cars, trucks, AS, EM or forklifts - the partners of ZARE initiative accept your used tires in all dimensions with and without rims. Our ZARE partner merchandise also tested used tires from leading manufacturers with sufficient residual profile for the second use. For the export of tires, the tread tires are prepared complete with all the necessary papers. the ZARE partner sort all tires in the first step and dispose of them according to the best possible recycling methods in a professional and environmentally friendly manner.

Purchase of carcasses and acceptance of used tires

There are clear legal regulations for the disposal of used tires: They must be recycled by special disposal companies or disposed of professionally. if you over Old tires have that you want to have professionally disposed of ZARE partner for your scrap tire disposal the right contacts. The Tire disposal and tire recycling via certified specialist companies gives you the security and guarantee that the environment is protected and valuable resources are spared through various recycling methods.

ZARE is an initiative for certified, environmentally conscious and responsible waste tire disposal companies and rubber processors who are committed to sustainable disposal. The Quality of certified waste tire disposal companies is regularly checked through audits and guarantees responsible recycling.

Ideally, the ZARE waste disposal companies accept your used tires sorted by vehicle class. From 50 pieces or a total weight of at least one ton, the ZARE partner is available for storage, management and analysis.

Sale of used or treaded tires and casings

Are you looking for good used or tread tires in the following versions or for the following purposes? Then you've come to the right place at ZARE!

  • Car tires (all-season tires)
  • Car tires (summer tires and winter tires)
  • Complete wheels with rims and tires for cars and trucks
  • Truck tires
  • tractor tires and tractor tires
  • EM tires

Do not hesitate and send us an inquiry now and you will immediately receive your personal used tire offer.

Sustainable recycling: scrap tire disposal and scrap tire recycling:

Play it safe with ZARE partners

Who his old tires about the ZARE used tire disposal company disposed of, conserves resources and the environment. Make your choice for a professional disposal company carefully! ZARE-Partner is a mark of quality for certified used tire disposal companies. The ZARE network only contains companies that you can trust. With the ZARE partners make sure that your used tires are recycled in an environmentally friendly and professional manner. ZARE partners carefully sort the tires according to the best possible recycling before they are passed on. You can leave your used tires to the ZARE companies for further recycling with a clear conscience. the ZARE partner guarantee you professional and responsible old tire recycling.


The ZARE initiative are a growing network of responsible partners who are committed to environmentally friendly, competent and controlled tire disposal, thereby improving the image and reputation of the used tire disposal industry. As a ZARE partner, you meet the more stringent requirement profile of the Federal Association of Tire Dealers and Vulcanisers (BRV) and thus automatically make a major contribution to environmental protection and the recycling of valuable secondary raw materials.

We are ZARE - the certified scrap tire disposal company

The ZARE initiative is an amalgamation of a total of 19 companies organized in the Federal Association of Tire Retailers and Vulcanisers (BRV), 16 of which are certified disposal companies. the ZARE partner have made it their task to raise awareness of professional tire recycling in Germany. At 26 locations, the ZARE partner Almost nationwide in Germany and the Netherlands. 
ZARE partner act completely independently and on their own account. Waste tire disposal nearby.

Our partners -
Waste tire disposal and waste tire recycling

Whether garages, car dealerships, haulage companies or local authorities - they all find themselves confronted with the disposal of used tires on a daily basis. The partners of the ZARE initiative support you and make your work easier - nationwide! Click on one of the partner logos for more information.

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You can use this form to contact the ZARE partners record, tape. Your request will be published internally and is available to the entire ZARE network. You will receive directly from the ZARE partners an offer. Please note that there is a minimum quantity of 50 pieces or one ton when accepting used tires and a minimum delivery quantity of one ton for the sale of used tires. If you would like to hand over or accept smaller quantities, please contact your local waste disposal company or tire dealer.

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Dispose of used tires

Why scrap tire disposal?

Waste tire disposal is an important aspect environmentally friendly waste management. When it comes to scrap tire disposal, it’s all about Used Tyres dispose of them safely or reuse them sensibly. There are various ways to dispose of used tires to avoid environmental pollution. ZARE partners have the necessary permits and expertise to safely store, transport and recycle used tires.

Disposing of Car Tires: Eco-Friendly Options

The disposal of car tires can harm the environment if not done properly. Luckily, there are eco-friendly options for disposing of old car tires. Certified waste disposal companies sort old tires before disposal and use the most sustainable and environmentally friendly recycling method for each tire. This includes retreading, export as well as material, chemical and thermal recycling.  

scrap tire disposal
Dispose of used tires

Disposing of used tires: An important contribution to environmental protection

The disposal of used tires is an important contribution to environmental protection. With sustainable recycling methods such as retreading and material recycling, tires are given a new life and remain in the material cycle for longer - the components of the tire are used longer and the tire only has to be disposed of much later. Tire recycling reduces waste, saves valuable resources and at the same time reduces tire volume. 

How are old tires disposed of correctly?

Proper disposal of used tires is important to prevent pollution and comply with government regulations. Improperly disposed of used tires can cause soil and water pollution. It is therefore advisable to use the services of certified scrap tire disposal companies from the ZARE network. These companies guarantee professional disposal and ensure that the used tires are recycled or otherwise used. By disposing of your used tires properly, you help protect the environment and support the circular economy.

What is "tire disposal" and how does it work?

Used tires that are no longer suitable for use on the road must be disposed of properly. There are various methods for disposing of used tires, including retreading, export, and material, chemical and thermal recycling. Retreading involves replacing worn tires with new tread so they can be used again. This is a sustainable method of waste tire disposal as it allows to extend the life of tires and reduce the amount of waste. 

What is "tire disposal" and how does it work?

Used tires that are in good condition are also exported to countries where they can still be used as used tires. During material recycling, the tires are broken down into their components and the individual materials such as steel, rubber and textiles are recycled or reused. During chemical recycling, the tires are broken down into their components and these are recycled or converted into other products using chemical processes. For example, rubber waste can be converted into oil, gas and carbon through pyrolysis. During thermal recycling, the tires are burned at high temperatures and the resulting energy is used to generate electricity. Retreading and material recycling are preferable to other methods in the spirit of the circular economy.

Dispose of used tires

Can I recycle old car tires?

Yes, old car tires can be recycled. Recycling old tires is an environmentally friendly way of disposal. Old tires are processed into rubber granules or rubber powder, which in turn is used in new products such as playground flooring or rubber-modified asphalt.

How much does it cost to dispose of old tires?

The cost of disposing of old tires may vary by region and disposal method. It is best to contact a waste disposal company in your area to receive an offer.

What are the risks of improper tire disposal?

If disposed of improperly, old tires can become an environmental hazard. They can contaminate groundwater, cause pest problems and potentially lead to fires. In the name of protecting the environment, it is therefore important to dispose of old tires properly.

What are the risks of improper tire disposal?

What is the best way to dispose of old tires?

There are several ways to dispose of old tires safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. One way is to recycle old tires to create new products from the tire components. If you want to dispose of old tires, it is best to contact your local certified waste disposal company for information on disposal options. Responsible Disposal of Used Tires: The proper disposal of used tires is paramount for both environmental and safety reasons. When it comes to the disposal of used tires, it's essential to choose a reputable and environmentally conscious service provider. Expert tire disposal services ensure that tires are handled with care, adhering to regulations, and recycling or repurposing materials whenever possible. This not only helps reduce the burden on landfills but also contributes to the sustainable use of resources. Eco-Friendly Tire Recycling: Tire disposal doesn't have to mean adding to landfills. Recycling used tires is a sustainable option that minimizes waste and helps conserve valuable resources. Through tire recycling, old tires can find new life as rubberized asphalt, playground surfaces, or even in the manufacturing of new tire products. The process typically involves shredding and processing the tires to recover the various components, such as rubber, steel, and fabric, ensuring that these materials are repurposed efficiently. Safe and Efficient Used Tire Disposal Services: Finding the right used tire disposal service provider is crucial. Reputable companies not only ensure environmentally friendly disposal but also follow safety protocols rigorously. They offer convenient options for individuals, auto repair shops, or businesses looking to dispose of used tires responsibly. This ensures that tires are processed efficiently, contributing to a cleaner environment and the conservation of resources. When considering the disposal of used tires, always prioritize eco-friendly solutions that adhere to the principles of recycling and sustainability.

Can I return old tires to a tire shop?

Many tire workshops take back old tires and dispose of them properly. Find out in advance whether your workshop will dispose of discarded tires via a certified disposal company. You can also hand in old tires to a tire dealer, car dealer or directly to a recycling company that specializes in tire disposal. You can find certified disposal companies in your region on the ZARE website.

What are certified disposal companies?

ZARE is a network of certified used tire disposal companies that are committed to sustainable recycling and environmental protection. The ZARE partners are carefully selected companies that recycle used tires in an environmentally friendly and professional manner. They sort the tires before they are passed on and thus ensure the best possible recycling. By handing over your used tires to the ZARE partners, you can be sure that they will be professionally and responsibly recycled. The ZARE initiative helps to improve the image of the used tire disposal industry and advocates environmentally friendly and controlled tire disposal. As a ZARE partner, the companies meet the strict requirement profile of the Federal Association of Tire Dealers and Vulcanisers (BRV) and thus make a contribution to environmental protection and the recycling of valuable secondary raw materials. By disposing of used tires at a ZARE partner, resources can be conserved and the burden on the environment relieved.