Tire dealers, garages, car dealerships and fleet

Car workshops, tire dealers and car dealerships are usually the first point of contact for drivers or fleet operators when it comes to tire disposal and are therefore confronted with large quantities of old tires every day. Therefore, the specialist companies and dealers are usually experienced in dealing with the correct disposal of used tires and can provide you as a driver and fleet operator with a lot of important information. If you have any questions about the best disposal option, then do not hesitate to speak to the employees in the vehicle workshops, in the tire trade or in the car dealerships. Better to be on the safe side, because if you dispose of it incorrectly, you are jointly responsible for environmental damage and will also be held accountable by the legislator - and that will be expensive!

We are your contact for professional, high-quality old tire recycling. Whether car workshops, tire dealers, car dealerships or fleet operators - the ZARE initiative also offers you support in being environmentally conscious scrap tire disposal. Give your customers a good feeling and only dispose of your tire waste via the TSAR-Partners, because we are the experts for environmentally friendly old tire recycling.

Promotional package for tire service companies and garages

The campaign package for tire service companies and garages

Make a significant contribution to sustainability and show your customers that you only dispose of waste tires through certified waste tire disposal companies.