The ZARE partners

The ZARE partners: For the safe disposal of old tires
Whether garages, car dealerships, forwarders or municipalities - they all see themselves with the scrap tire disposal confronted. The partners of ZARE initiative support you and facilitate your work around the proper scrap tire disposal - and nationwide!

We guarantee you and the drivers environmentally conscious, high-quality old tire recycling from certified disposal companies!

Are you looking for one ZARE partner near you? Here find your contact. Let us advise you and work actively with the ZARE initiative for the environment - because Old tires are a valuable secondary raw material.

AGWR General Rubber Recycling and Tire Trading GmbH

The family-run recycling company AGWR GmbH, based in Jünkerath (Rhineland-Palatinate), has been recycling old rubber professionally, sustainably and responsibly for over 20 years. Regardless of whether it is the disposal of old tires, general rubber waste, old cables or the recycling of conveyor belts or belts, the aim is to recycle old rubber in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Thanks to the most modern machine systems, the company is able to process almost all rubber waste optimally and in the best possible way and thus prepare it for a new use.

Bender Tire Recycling Ltd

Bender Reifen Recycling GmbH is a recognized waste disposal company with worldwide connections. Old tires are disposed of throughout Germany. Bender Reifen Recycling GmbH consists of an experienced team with the necessary know-how for the professional disposal and recycling of old tires. On the basis of a mature logistics network, old tires are disposed of throughout Germany.

CVS Tires Ltd

With a current order volume of around 35.000 tons per year and more than 30 years of experience, CVS Reifen GmbH disposes of all types of tires throughout Germany. With its adapted vehicle fleet, CVS guarantees environmentally friendly and reliable used tire disposal. In addition to exporting used tires worldwide, the certified company has specialized in the disposal of all types of tires in its in-house tire shredding plant.

Danninger OHG special transport

For 60 years, DANNINGER OHG Spezialtransporte has been a specialist freight forwarder for bulk goods and waste transport. In the area of ​​activity in southern Germany, partly in Austria and the Czech Republic, used tires and rubber waste are also collected and recycled, and used tires are marketed via our own sorting facility.

G & K Recycling Utsch

G&K Recycling Utsch is the disposal company for environmentally friendly waste tire disposal from the heart of Germany. With company headquarters in Remda (Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district) on the edge of the Thuringian Forest, they build on the trust of many domestic and foreign business partners thanks to their many years of experience.

Hartung forwarding, trading and transport GmbH

Hartung Speditions-, Handels- und Transport GmbH has been a logistics service provider on the national and international market since 1994. Over the years, the company has developed into a strong partner for transport and logistics tasks of all kinds. Service packages specially tailored to the customer are offered. It doesn't matter whether the destination is in Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Greece or Switzerland.


The medium-sized family company HRV GmbH offers a wide range of services with a professional and environmentally conscious disposal and recycling of used tires in the Wernigerode district of Minsleben. The company has been developing continuously since it was founded in 1994 and is currently set up with a young 50-strong team.

KARGRO BV / Netherlands

The Netherlands-based company specializes in truck tire recycling and retreading. The company collects old tires for recycling across Europe. KARGRO has already received an award from the Dutch Minister for its energy saving measures.

KRAIBURG Austria GmbH & Co. KG

KRAIBURG Austria GmbH & Co. KG is a family business and has been the specialist in tire retreading for over 70 years. The company has extensive experience and know-how in processing rubber and is now one of the leaders in the rubber industry. KRAIBURG Austria is an important supplier for tire material and industry-specific problem solutions of all kinds. The characteristics of "safety", "economy" and "environmental compatibility" are reflected in all KRAIBURG company processes and products.

KURZ Karkassenhandel GmbH

KURZ Karkassenhandel has been offering professional and environmentally friendly used tire disposal, carcass trading, used tires and rubber recycling for over 60 years. With two locations, Landau/Pfalz and Wendlingen/Neckar, KURZ is one of the most renowned old rubber processors in Germany.

Mondo Reifenmarkt GmbH from Gescher-Hochmoor in Münsterland specializes in the global export of used tires. 
For the collection of used tires, Mondo Reifenmarkt provides special lattice boxes for up to 100 tires and also lockable containers free of charge. The tires are stored dry and safe here until they are picked up. Tires can also be delivered yourself.

Mülsen raw material and trading company mbH

MRH has specialized in the processing of used tires into high-quality rubber powder and granules and is the leading producer in this sector. The company is committed to the high-quality processing of the rubber and works closely with research institutions in the area. MRH has been successfully disposing of truck, car and motorcycle tires in the Saxony area for many years.

NZ disposal e. K

NZ Entsorgung is a certified waste disposal company in Altusried. The company takes care of the disposal of all workshop waste. One of the focal points is the professional disposal of used tires and lead-acid batteries.


The family business celebrated its 2016th anniversary in 40. Certified as a waste disposal company and eco-management to the Audit Scheme (EMAS), REIFEN DRAWS offers professional and environmentally friendly disposal of old tires in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. With our own logistics, sorting and shredding plant, the entire service is provided from a single source.

Tire Group Ruhr

The Ruhr tire group, based in Bochum, specializes in the professional disposal and recycling of old tires.
The company processes 60.000 tons of used tires every year and sends them for professional recycling.
The Ruhr Tire Group guarantees absolutely transparent and traceable recycling.

Tire Külshammer

Reifen Külshammer was founded in 1995 as a carcass dealership in Lachendorf, Lower Saxony. The family business was certified as a waste disposal company in 1999 and concentrated on the disposal of used tires. In addition, the company is a First Stop franchise partner and offers new tires of all kinds. With a mobile tire service, Reifen Külshammer is available for trucks, construction machinery and agricultural vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since 2017, Christian Külshammer has been running the business in the second generation of the family.

REIFEN OKA – tire trade

REIFEN OKA offers professional and environmentally friendly disposal of used tires - nationwide pickup or self-delivery in Dornburg, Hesse. In addition, the company exports and imports used tires to the global market and also has a competent tire direct on-site service.

Tire recycling company Brenz GmbH

RRB disposes of used tires in an environmentally friendly and professional manner and recycles them in a high-quality manner in its own facility. In the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Hamburg area, the company is a reliable dealer for carcasses, tires and recycling material and supports customers.

TireTech GmbH

TireTech GmbH positions itself as an innovative and agile company that offers an automated solution for testing and evaluating used tires. The company was founded in 2019 by Karl Staudinger and Bernhard Brain. Both gentlemen are experts in mechanical engineering and automation. With great passion they have developed a completely new machine in recent years, which automates the "random" manual car tire inspection. Each tire is logged according to quality and stored digitally - an important step into the future and in relation to Industry 4.0 one of the most progressive measures in the disposal industry.