Consequences of incorrect disposal of used tires - legal consequences

We would like to expressly point out to you, the tire dealers, car dealerships and garages, municipalities and local authorities, that illegal disposal of used tires is dangerous and, above all, has legal consequences.

Given the increasing amounts of Old tires – with a stable market for scrap tire disposal via certified disposal companies - we can assume that an increasing proportion of tires are being disposed of illegally. According to the Circular Economy Act, carcasses and worn tires must be disposed of properly. This means that a preliminary and whereabouts check must be carried out and proof with a registration obligation must be provided for documentation. The takeover certificate represents proof of disposal and is mandatory for annual waste volumes of more than five tons.

We would like to emphasize that self-disposal of used tires is not permitted according to § 13 KrWG!
Please only contact certified disposal companies. Particularly favorable prices for the scrap tire disposal are an indication that the disposal is not carried out properly. For car workshops, tire dealers, car dealerships, forwarding agents, communities and municipalities there is also the possibility to check the admissibility criteria of the old tire disposal company according to § 16 KrWG to make sure that it is a certified disposal company.

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Incorrect disposal of used tires leads to high environmental pollution

If the "waste producer" violates his duty of appropriate disposal, he will be sanctioned significantly by the legislator. Will the Old tires If the goods are not stored or handled properly, if you violate control, delivery or disposal obligations, there is a risk according to § 61 KrWG a fine of up to 50.000 euros. In addition to the legal consequences, it is also important to appeal to ecological awareness - because incorrect disposal leads to considerable environmental damage. Not only is the ecosystem negatively affected, the groundwater is also polluted and disease-carrying pests can settle, which endanger human health. Then Old tires don't rot! According to experts, it takes about 2.000 years for the material to decompose completely. In addition, dangers can emanate from possible fires in the old tire stacks, since these are difficult to control. Tires can catch fire quickly and once they catch fire, simple water usually doesn't help: backfires often occur during extinguishing work, which is why the fire is fought with special foam. Furthermore, dubious scrap tire disposal companies export large quantities of scrap tires abroad and instead of giving the valuable raw material a second life, these tires are simply stored in huge landfills - so big that they can already be seen on satellite images!

So make sure – for the sake of the environment – ​​that your waste is disposed of in a qualitative manner.

Sources: Association for citizen-oriented transport policy eV - Fines catalog 2024

Promotional package for tire service companies and garages

The campaign package for tire service companies and garages

Make a significant contribution to sustainability and show your customers that you only dispose of waste tires through certified waste tire disposal companies.