Second-Hand and Used Tires from Germany

Whether second-hand or used tires for cars, trucks, AS, or EM – the ZARE initiative partners accept your used tires in all dimensions. Our ZARE partners also offer tested second-hand tires from first-grade manufacturers with sufficient remaining tread for re-use. The used tires are fully prepared for the export of tires for you with all the necessary papers. Don’t hesitate, send us an inquiry now. You’ll receive your personal tire offer without delay.

Used Tires Waste-Disposal

ZARE Accepts Used Tires and Carcasses

Dispose of your used tires the right way with the help of ZARE partners. We are certified to deal with all kinds of tire waste and rubber materials.

ZARE partners accept your used tires sorted by vehicle class. In large units or in smaller quantities, as required. Contact Us, and together we will find the best way to dispose of your use tire-waste. 

Second-Hand Tires for Sale

ZARE Sells Certified Second-Hand Tires

Do you need good second-hand tires in the listed sizes and purposes? ZARE might just have what you’re looking for! Contact us now, and we will send you an offer.

  • All-season tires (cars or trucks)
  • Summer tires (cars or trucks)
  • Winter tires (cars or trucks)
  • Tractor tires
  • Complete wheelsets

Used Tire Disposal Done the Right Way

By disposing of your used tires through ZARE rubber waste-disposal companies, you can save resources and protect the environment. That’s why it’s necessary to choose your disposal company carefully. ZARE is the quality standard for scrap tire disposal companies. Only reputable companies that you can trust for the disposal of scrap tires are ZARE certified. 

With ZARE partners, you can be sure that your used tires will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly and professional way. The ZARE partners guarantee professional and responsible recycling of used tires. With ZARE, you can give your used tires for further recycling with a clear conscience. The ZARE initiative is building up a steadily growing network of responsible partners. They are committed to environmentally safe, professional, and controlled tire disposal, thereby improving the image and reputation of the scrap tire disposal industry. 

As a ZARE partner, you meet the more stringent requirements of the German Tyre Trade and Vulcaniser Association. (BRV) and thus automatically make a significant contribution to environmental protection and the recycling of valuable secondary raw materials.

We Are ZARE – Certified Use Tyre Disposers

The initiative ZARE is an affiliation of 17 used tire disposers organized through the Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseur-Handwerk e.V. (federal association of tire retailers and the vulcanization trade – BRV). With 17 partners in 29 locations, the ZARE partners cover practically the whole of Germany, the Netherlands, and Austria. The certified used tire disposers have set themselves to raise awareness for the correct and sustainable utilization/recycling of tires in Germany. ZARE partners operate entirely independently and for their own account.

Our Partners

Car repair shops, auto dealerships, haulage companies, and local authorities are all confronted daily with the disposal of used tires. The partners of the ZARE initiative support you and make your work easier – worldwide! Click on one of the partner logos below to get more information.

Contact Us

You can use this form to contact ZARE partners. Your request will be published internally and will be available to the entire ZARE network. You will receive an offer directly from the ZARE partners. Please note that there is a minimum quantity of 50 pieces or one tonne when accepting used tires and a minimum quantity of one tonne when selling used tires. If you wish to hand in or accept smaller quantities, please contact your local waste disposal company or tire dealer.

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