From October to Easter – now is the time to change tires!

Bonn, April 08.04.2024th, XNUMX With the start of spring, business is booming in tire retailers, vehicle repair shops and car dealerships. The winter tires need to be taken off and the all-season tires need to be checked. This results in a lot of old tires that need to be disposed of. The ZARE initiative (certified used tire disposal company) is committed to professional and environmentally friendly disposal and sees workshops, dealers and car dealerships as having a duty here.

“From O to O” is a well-known phrase that reminds drivers every year to change their vehicle's tires on time. In spring, as temperatures rise, it is time to switch to summer tires and, with this, the disposal of many worn car tires that have reached their minimum tread depth. Car repair shops, tire dealers and car dealerships usually take care of the whereabouts when customers have their vehicle re-tired there. This means that specialist dealers also assume responsibility for the professional and environmentally friendly disposal of worn tires.

Informed consumers demand environmentally friendly disposal

Consumers are increasingly sensitized to environmental issues and, associated with this, to environmentally friendly waste disposal and recycling of raw materials. Old tires also contain important raw materials that can be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner and in the spirit of a sustainable circular economy. It is well known that used tires do not belong in nature as landfills - however, consumers have regularly reported illegal waste tire dumps to the ZARE initiative for years. The total number of violations registered with ZARE is not decreasing - on the contrary, the number of reports is increasing from year to year. That's why it's important to ZARE to draw attention to certified waste tire disposal at the start of the tire changing season in order to prevent environmental damage. “Certified waste disposal companies ensure that the tires are used for the best possible purpose and that the valuable raw materials are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner and in the spirit of a sustainable circular economy,” explains Christina Guth, network coordinator at ZARE. The certified disposal companies have the expertise to properly sort old tires and use the most sustainable recycling methods. Depending on their condition, the old tires are then sent for tire retreading, for export as used tires, or for material or chemical recycling. Every tire that is reused or recycled is a profit. The old tires are not only used to retread tires, but also fall protection mats for playgrounds, mats for green roofs or animal welfare stable mats - you can find more information about products made from recycled material here: In order to ensure that correct disposal is adhered to and that vehicle owners can rely on it, tire dealers, workshops and car dealerships will find reliable contact points for serious disposal from ZARE's partners.

More about ZARE and the partner companies:


About the ZARE initiative

The ZARE initiative is an amalgamation of 18 companies organized in the Federal Association of Tire Trade and Vulcanizing Trades (BRV), 16 of which are certified waste management companies. The ZARE partners have set themselves the task of raising awareness of professional tire recycling in Germany. ZARE informs drivers about the environmentally friendly disposal of used tires. At 25 locations, the ZARE partners cover almost all of Germany and the Netherlands.

The partners of the initiative are:

Allgemeine Gummiwertstoff und Reifenhandels GmbH, Bender Reifen Recycling GmbH, CVS Reifen GmbH, Danninger OHG Spezialtransporte, G & K Recycling Utsch GmbH, Hartung Speditions-, Handels- und Transport GmbH, HRV GmbH, KARGRO BV, KRAIBURG Austria GmbH & Co. KG, KURZ Karkassenhandel GmbH, Mondo Reifenmarkt GmbH, MRH Mülsener Rohstoff- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH, NZ-Entsorgung eK, Reifen DRAWS GmbH, Reifen Külshammer, Reifengruppe Ruhr, REIFEN OKA – Reifenhandel, TireTech GmbH



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Image 1: short-karkassenhandel_altreifen

Caption 1: Every year during the tire changing season, large amounts of old tires are produced that have to be disposed of.

Source: KURZ Karkassenhandel

Image 2: new_life_spielplatzsanierung_kraiburg-relastic

Caption 2: Elastic fall protection floors made from recycled tire rubber granules are suitable for installation under swings, climbing equipment, seesaws or slides. The top layer can be provided with colored EPDM granules, which opens up a wide range of design freedom.

Source: KRAIBURG Relastec©.

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