Initiative ZARE cooperates with tire wholesaler RSU

Bonn, March 19.03.2024, XNUMX Full service when buying tires is made possible by the cooperation of the ZARE initiative (certified waste tire disposal company) with the tire wholesaler RSU: With the TireSystem platform, RSU offers a modern solution that allows dealers to dispose of their old tires easily and professionally. When it comes to disposal, RSU works with ZARE partners who guarantee professional and environmentally friendly waste tire disposal. This means that tire dealers can promise their customers that the old tires will be disposed of by certified companies and thus put to the best possible use.

For companies such as tire dealers or car and commercial vehicle repair shops, the question of waste tire disposal regularly arises. Drivers who buy new tires usually also want to give away their worn tires. To ensure that disposal is carried out professionally and with a clear conscience, tire wholesaler RSU offers its customers waste tire disposal in cooperation with ZARE partners. This means that specialist tire dealers and car repair shops can look forward to an all-round, worry-free package when buying tires. On the TireSystem platform you can not only buy new tires, rims and vehicle accessories, but you can also easily book the collection of old tires with just a click of the mouse.

Dispose of properly – environmental protection and quality promise

Proper disposal is not a given - in Germany, large quantities of old tires are still being disposed of improperly and illegally dumped in nature, sometimes in very large quantities. A safe solution is therefore to work with certified waste disposal companies. They have the expertise to properly sort old tires and use the most sustainable recycling methods. This includes retreading, exporting used tires as well as material and thermal recycling. All partners in the ZARE initiative ensure that the valuable raw materials from the old tires are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner and in the spirit of a sustainable circular economy. Through its cooperation with ZARE, wholesaler RSU is setting a good example and making work processes and the decision for environmentally friendly disposal easier for its customers. Ultimately, certified disposal is also a promise of quality to drivers who, with a clear conscience, hand in their worn tires to dealers and workshops that are RSU customers.


About the ZARE initiative

The ZARE initiative is an amalgamation of 18 companies organized in the Federal Association of Tire Trade and Vulcanizing Trades (BRV), 16 of which are certified waste management companies. The ZARE partners have set themselves the task of raising awareness of professional tire recycling in Germany. ZARE informs drivers about the environmentally friendly disposal of used tires. At 25 locations, the ZARE partners cover almost all of Germany and the Netherlands.

The partners of the initiative are:

Allgemeine Gummiwertstoff und Reifenhandels GmbH, Bender Reifen Recycling GmbH, CVS Reifen GmbH, Danninger OHG Spezialtransporte, G & K Recycling Utsch GmbH, Hartung Speditions-, Handels- und Transport GmbH, HRV GmbH, KARGRO BV, KRAIBURG Austria GmbH & Co. KG, KURZ Karkassenhandel GmbH, Mondo Reifenmarkt GmbH, MRH Mülsen GmbH, NZ-Entsorgung eK, Reifen DRAWS GmbH, Reifen Külshammer, Reifengruppe Ruhr, REIFEN OKA – Reifenhandel, TireTech GmbH



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Picture: short_old tire stack

Caption: Through the cooperation with ZARE, tire wholesaler RSU enables simple and environmentally friendly waste tire disposal for dealers and workshops.

Source: KURZ Karkassenhandel

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