Tire changeover time: The beginning of spring means changeover time!

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With the start of spring, demand increases in tire shops, vehicle repair shops and car dealerships. The winter tires must be removed and the all-season tires checked. This leads to an increase in used tires that need to be disposed of properly. ZARE's partners are committed to professional and environmentally friendly disposal and also see the responsibility for environmentally friendly disposal at workshops, tire dealers and car dealerships.

The well-known motto “From O to O” reminds drivers every year to change their tires. With spring, temperatures rise and drivers switch to summer tires, which entails the disposal of worn tires. This task is usually carried out by car repair shops, tire dealers and car dealerships, who can also ensure proper disposal.

Tire changeover time: The beginning of spring means changeover time!
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Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and are demanding environmentally sound disposal of waste, including used tires. These contain valuable raw materials that can be recycled in the spirit of a sustainable circular economy. As ZARE, we warn against illegal dumping of used tires and advocate certified disposal to prevent environmental damage.

Certified disposal companies ensure proper sorting and environmentally friendly recycling of used tires. Depending on their condition, they are retreaded, exported as used tires or recycled materially and chemically. Products made from recycled materials such as fall protection mats for playgrounds or animal welfare stable mats are examples of the versatile use of recycled materials.

To ensure that disposal is carried out correctly, ZARE's partners offer reliable contact points for workshops, tire dealers and car dealerships. For more information about products made from recycled materials, visit the website www.initiative-new-life.de

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