The ZARE initiative and tire wholesaler RSU join forces for environmentally friendly waste tire disposal

KURZ stack of old tires

The ZARE initiative (certified waste tire disposal company) and the tire wholesaler RSU have started a cooperation to offer a solution for waste tire disposal. This partnership enables tire dealers and car and commercial vehicle repair shops to offer their customers a first-class service that ensures the professional disposal of worn tires.

With the innovative TireSystem platform, RSU presents a modern solution that allows retailers to dispose of their used tires easily and efficiently. Collaboration with ZARE partners ensures that used tires are disposed of professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner. This partnership enables tire dealers to assure their customers that their worn tires will be disposed of by certified waste disposal companies in order to achieve the best possible recycling purpose.

For companies such as tire dealers and car and commercial vehicle repair shops, the question of waste tire disposal is of crucial importance. RSU offers its customers the opportunity to carry out used tire disposal in collaboration with ZARE partners to ensure a seamless service when purchasing tires. The TireSystem platform not only makes it possible to purchase new tires, rims and accessories, but the collection of old tires can also be conveniently booked with a click of the mouse.

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