40 old tires found in the ditch

After 08 illegally dumped old tires were found on Tuesday, August 2023, 20, another case has now occurred in Rosenheim. During the current illegal tire dumping, around 40 old tires were found in a ditch near Gärtnerstrasse. The fine for the offense can be up to 100.000 euros.
“Illegal dumping of waste is an administrative offense under the Circular Economy Act. Depending on the extent, the fine can be up to 100.000 euros.” (Press release from the Rosenheim police)
The period of the crime is limited to Wednesday, August 16th at 20 p.m. to Thursday, August 17th, 2023 at 09.30:08031 a.m. The police are asking witnesses to report their information on 200/2200-XNUMX.




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